Quality management for office based practices and medical care centers

What is the European Practice Assessment (EPA)? What can it achieve?

A modern health care requires a contemporary organization within medical practices. The major component of the practice management is a thought-out, compact quality management (QM). The model will be customized to fulfill all requirements, while not demanding more of the already restricted amount time and personnel than necessary. EPA was developed by scientists and practitioners with these goals in mind.

Implementing change efficiently and effectively!

Quality indicators play an important role within EPA. They close the gap between expert knowledge and routine daily practice. The current EPA version contains 199 quality indicators covering a wide range of quality issues relevant for practice management across Europe. General physicians and experienced researchers were closely involved in the indicator development to assure that they are comprehensive and relevant to General Practice.


More information about EPA:

  • EPA has been evaluated with sound scientific methods. A recent publication in the Canadian Medicial Association Journal can be found here.
  • EPA has supporters in many countries. More information you can find in a brochure.
  • EPA is closely connected to international networks for quality of care, namely the Task Force on Practice Assessment (TOPAS-Europe) and the European Association for Quality in General Practice/Family Medicine (EQuiP).
  • The development of the original EPA indicators was accomplished between 2001 and 2005 in an international research team, led by Prof. Richard Grol from the University of Nijmegen. A comprehensive description of the whole process can be found in a book which is free for download.
  • EPA uses a sophisticated software for information and benchmarking of practices and health centres, called VISOTOOL ®. This outstanding software is available in arab, dutch, english, french, german, greek (yes, we support our greek colleagues!), romanian and slovenian. More information you will find in this brochure.


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For further information
please contact Marc Brodowski (marc.brodowski@aqua-institut.de)
at the Institute for Applied Quality Improvement and Research in Health Care (AQUA), Göttingen, Germany.